Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use OSAY?
If you’re taking action on an existing campaign, OSAY is free! If you want to build your own campaign, statewide campaigns cost $39 and national campaigns cost $59.

What does OSAY mean?
OSAY is pronounced “oh say” and it is a reference to the first line of the National Anthem. We think it’s patriotic to engage in civic action and lawmakers are elected to represent the collective voices of their districts. OSAY ensures your voice is heard.

What if my state isn’t listed?
Right now OSAY is only available in West Virginia. We’re working hard to get lawmaker databases set up and running for the other 49 states. Stay updated by visiting our social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter to see if we’ve added your state.

How do I track my campaign?
Once you’ve launched your campaign, you’ll have access to a campaign dashboard where you can see stats. We’ll send you a weekly update via email too with all those analytics!

How do I write an effective phone script?
We’ve got you covered! When you set up your campaign, there’s a sample script you can customize.

Can I add a photo to my tweet at lawmakers?
Not at this time.

Help! I launched my campaign and want to change it!
Once a campaign is launched, it is no longer editable. You can end campaigns at any time or launch new ones. If your issue is more complex, contact and provide a description, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Why did my campaign get terminated?
Chances are your campaign violated our Community Policies and Guidelines. OSAY reserves the right to terminate any campaign that violates our [Community Policies and Guidelines].