Stand with Public Employees in WV: Fully Fund PEIA

Started by OSAY WV on Feb 25, 2018 Education
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{"ops":[{"insert":"In recent years the rising cost of health care have meant drastic increases in premiums and deductibles for state employees using West Virginia’s Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA). PEIA was created and offered to state employees in the 1970s because pay increases were not possible.\n\nAs it stands the WV legislature has frozen PEIA at the current FY 2018 rates by transferring money from the state’s rainy day fund. A freeze is not a fix and failure to ensure sustainable funding for PEIA nearly ensures that state employees will find themselves in the same place during the 2019 legislative session.\n\nMore than 200,000 state employees (including teachers, school service personnel, state troopers, Department of Highways workers, DHHR workers, and State correctional officers to name a few) are covered by PEIA. As the out-of-pocket medical costs for state employees increase wages remain stagnant, and in many cases decrease because of increased premium deductions.\n\nWe urge the West Virginia Legislature to find a long-term sustainable source of funding for PEIA. Adequate insurance ensures the health and prosperity of our state for generations to come.\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"Hi,\n\nMy name is [name], and I live at [address] [city] [zipcode].\n\nPlease find the money to fully fund PEIA. \n\nThis matters to me because West Virginia's state workers deserve adequate health care coverage in return for their service to our great state. \n\nThank you.\n"}]}

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