Fully Fund Medicaid in the WV Budget

Started by OSAY on Apr 28, 2017 Healthcare & Medicine
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{"ops":[{"insert":"West Virginia Medicaid provides payment for medical services including substance abuse treatment, senior care, access to basic health care for pregnant women, children and the working poor. The state’s most frail populations have access to medical care provided by doctors, hospitals and other medical providers. Medicaid provides a medical safety net for our state’s citizens.\n\nIn addition the federal government matches our state Medicaid funds on a 3 to 1 basis. This means for every $1 the state invests in the program it receives $3 in federal matching funds. No other program returns this much federal tax dollars to West Virginia. These federal funds help underwrite our medical system in West Virginia. Without these funds jobs would be lost and access to care for Medicaid and non-Medicaid enrollees would evaporate. Over 500,000 West Virginians are in the Medicaid program.\n\nWe urge the West Virginia Legislature to fully fund Medicaid. It is the lifeline to medical care for our most frail population. It provides economic support for our health care industry which translates in to significant employment for our state.\n\nPlease pass a budget that that fully funds Medicaid!\n"}]}
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